Hydroponic Gardening in Townsville

NQ Hydroponics is your local expert on everything-and anything-hydroponic gardening. Since 1999, we have been testing the latest and greatest equipment and products, bringing you the best in the hydroponic industry.

Knowing where to start can be a challenge. A visit to our friendly team will provide you with all the knowledge, equipment and products you need to succeed in growing your very own hydroponic garden.

For your convenience, we now offer an easy online ordering system. Simply select what you need and pick it up from our Townsville hydroponic superstore. If you require more information at any stage of your setup, whether it be choosing lighting, balancing PH levels or expanding your system, our team are here to help.

Happy hydroponic Townsville!
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What's the difference between indoor and outdoor hydroponics? Will I need lighting and electricity? How do I start a hydroponic garden? All these questions and more, will be answered here. For more information, head to our Townsville hydroponics store.