What is Hydroponics?


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What is hydroponics?

The word hydroponics derives from the Latin phrase, 'working water'. To put it simply, hydroponics is the art of growing plants without soil.

Growing plants via hydroponics can be done in many ways. Most people think of hydroponic gardening as plants grown with their roots suspended in water and no growing material. This is known as N.F.T (Nutrient Film Technique) and is just one of the popular methods of growing hydroponically. Contact our Townsville hydroponics store to find the right option for you.

Why do I need artificial lighting?

If you are growing hydroponically indoors you need to ensure your plants have sufficient access to light. Where sunlight can not naturally be used, artificial lighting is required for healthy plants.

Do I need electricity?

It depends how you plan on setting up your hydroponic system. You can handfeed your plants, establish a gravity feeding system, or have automatic pot units, which require electricity. Our Townsville hydroponic experts are more than happy to help with manual or automatic systems-so speak to us today.

Do I need to grow indoors?

Lucky for us in North Queensland, we have sun all year round! While you may require a greenhouse for hotter months, growing outdoors is one of our most popular options. Those that choose to grow indoors will need to be able to control light, temperature, humidity, water and food supply. An air conditioner is almost always required when growing in North Queensland.

What is the recommended temperature?

When the lights are on, we recommend a temperature of 24-28 degrees and a 10-degree drop for when they lights are turned off.

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